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Residential Property Management Services

My name is Hans J. Schindhelm, I am a New York State licensed Real Estate Professional and the sole proprietor of HJS Property Management which specializes in Residential Property Management Services for all areas of the Westchester County real estate marketplace. My services are geared towards Private Individuals, Absentee Home Owners, Real Estate Investors, Private Landlords, Community Associations, Financial Managers & Advisors, Attorneys for Estates & Trusts, and small Multiple Occupancy Residential Property Owners. 

Naturally, any fees charged for my services do vary and are absolutely governed by the actual scope of the services my team and I provide; ranging from a full "concierge" level of service to basic check ups, and virtually everything in between. Whether it is a long term service contract or just a short term or seasonal one, all of our assets are always available to each of our clients.

Our monthly management fees start at $150.00 per property and may be higher depending on the service level desired. Fee estimates are free of charge and will be binding for the duration of any subsequent contract. Please call Hans at 914-438-3903 to set up your free, no obligation consultation and service estimate.

We are available to manage residential properties of various sizes and types located throughout Westchester County, and understand the details involved such as responding to emergency calls at late hours, hiring qualified and responsive contractors, maintaining accurate accounting records and handling complaints from tenants. We are knowledgeable about all facets of the business, available at all times, extremely responsive and provide constant and effective communication.

From the estate owner with multiple homes throughout the country or the world, to the transferred business executive who wants to retain and/or lease out a home, to the seasonal home owner who changes residences throughout the year, or to the realty investor or landlord, it takes knowledgeable and adaptable, dedicated professionals able to understand and manage each type of property to the needs of the owner.

Our clients include:

  • Relocated home owners who wish to rent their current homes instead of selling them
  • Vacationing home owners who want someone to handle the routine maintenance as well as emergency situations that may arise
  • Elderly home owners needing someone they can trust to look after their real estate interests
  • Financial managers who are responsible for protecting their clients home
  • Estates & trusts who own homes whether they are owner-occupied, vacant or rented
  • Corporations, partnerships and individuals that own all types of properties either as investments or rentals or both
  • Home owners who occupy their homes either part time or year-around

and are located within any Westchester County community.

The scope of management services offered to our residential property owners can range from basic maintenance contracts or traditional financial management to personalized "concierge" type services such as stocking the refrigerator or tending to the plants of a traveling home owner. By individually designing the contract for each property tailored to the specific needs and budgetary requirements of each property owner, we bring an unparalleled level of property management value to our Westchester County residential real estate clients.

  • We strive for superior communications by employing state-of-the-art technology and software, ensuring rapid response. Our systems have the capability of forwarding emergency calls to the appropriate responder 24/7 and all of our people have remote access to voicemail and e-mail.
  • We provide regular inspections to assess and analyze each property's physical integrity, condition and appearance. These traceable inspections are designed to maintain the value of the property in relationship to the overall market conditions, and they also may trigger maintenance work designed to keep your property in its optimal condition at all times (depending on service level selected).
  • We have implemented a fully computerized Work Order System that guarantees timely responses and follow-up. It allows us to evaluate not only the individual costs involved with the upkeep of your property but also the frequency of the work required and the response times that we provide for each situation. We track each work order so that we can analyze and effectively report to you on all applicable trends.
  • We negotiate services with sub-contractors, ensuring prompt and cost-effective repairs and maintenance. For the most common repairs we have in-house professionals that guarantee fast response times and assure that 24/7 service is available for all of your properties.
  • Our Financial Management Services include collecting rents and administering all expense payments. We provide monthly financial reporting in electronic format, through our professional QuickBooks software, and we compile year-end accounting records for tax purposes.
  • If applicable we solicit tenants, run credit checks and more, and negotiate both new leases and the renewal of existing leases on behalf of our clients. Through the cooperation of our real estate brokerage affiliate, William Raveis Legends Realty Group LLC, we have priority access to all of the market data required.
  • Our property managers and contractors are evaluated based on performance criteria set by the needs of each client they work with. They are expected to handle all tenant relations and property issues quickly, and to facilitate 24-hour emergency responses.  

Please contact us today for a no obligation consultation and service estimate... and ask us about Home Warranty Programs which are able to protect your bottom line.

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